Through The Viewfinder

Kodak Duaflex

I wouldn’t call myself a one trick pony.  I’m at least a three trick pony.  As I already mentioned, one of the things that made me decide to set this whole blog thing up was being unemployed.  It also gave me time to work on a photo project that I’ve had on my mind since I read about it WAAAY back in JPG Magazine, issue 8.  The premise is pretty easy – you’d love to take some pictures with that old camera you’ve got sitting around, but who is going to deal with the film?  How will you digitize them later?  Maybe it doesn’t even work.  Through The Viewfinder takes care of all that.  What you’re doing is constructing a contraption that lets you point your digital camera at the viewfinder of your old camera, capturing all the inperfections, distortions, and instant creativity that comes along with it.  I really liked some of the pictures I took this way and I’ll be posting them for a while here.  If you want more information, the place to be is the TtV Flickr group.

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