Through The Viewfinder, Via Collage

I stumbled upon a cool group on Flickr the other day – it’s all about Through The Viewfinder stuff, but with multiple shots pasted together into a collage.  They’ve got some great stuff over there and eventually I got around to trying my hand.  This was just the first effort.  Trust me – I’ll get better at this, almost certainly because I can’t get worse.

Collage of a House, Through The Viewfinder

Kinda fun, yeah?  Well I learned a few things too.  You need a strong subject moving through the frame – coastline, fence, something linear to help align the pictures.  It doesn’t help that the camera I shoot my TtV stuff with is pretty darn soft around the edges of the frame.  Also, I really need to throw it into a bit more of a manual mode, so I can get exposures to match up a bit better.  I like the oddness of it, but room to improve.  Maybe I’ll drag it out again tomorrow.  What do you think?


  1. I like the collage technique. Ttv is something that’s on my list of things to try. What do you use for the ‘contraption’ part?


  2. The contraption is… definitely a contraption. I found some plans online and kinda tuned it. It’s made of black matte board and gaffer’s tape. The bottom is sized for the camera I use and fits around the protruding lenses to hold it pretty firmly. The lenth is based on what lens you use – my 100mm macro works the best but it’s still, all told, a nice little monster. You get some looks when you’re out shooting with it. I’ll post a picture or two when I can.


  3. Thanks for noticing our flickr group! I didn’t start it, but I’ve been sort of dominating the group with my obsessive posting, until lately; the others are catching up. It’s pretty addictive.


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