Tulips As Far As Your Panorama Can Pan

When you see the fields of tulips in the Skagit Valley, it’s hard to translate the feeling into a picture.  The beauty is there, but the sweeping view disappears.  Of course it was cold and of course there were too many people and of course I didn’t put in the effort to be diligent and bring a tripod, but I decided to pull together some panorama action anyway.  Sure it’s lumpy, but what do you think?

Panorama of Skagit Valley Tulip Fields

Also, I’m going to try something a little different here.  Thanks to the wonderful features of Photoshop CS4, there is a built-in flash-based panorama generator. Want to see it, click the link.

Same image below – scroll with the buttons or the mouse.  Which is better?  Let me know in the comments.


  1. What are those things in the sky? kites?

    I definitely agree with Cedar, you should put your photos up at one of those stock places. I have no idea which ones would be good.


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