SAM Sculpture Garden Overlook

I might have mentioned it before but I recently found myself with a few new old cameras.  It all started with a visit to the camera shop that had me accidentally buying three new old cameras (2 190x Kodaks and a 1950s Kodak Retina folder) for $35.  That got me hooked and a few weeks later I’d added 3 different Zeiss Ikon models to my collection.  I’m shooting through some really old expired film with them, both to see if they work and to see what happens to film that has been in my fridge for the last 10 years.  Turns out, still usable, but it scratches REALLY easily.  The shots I’m posting here have all been cleaned up after scanning.

  • Credit: Ari Brown
  • Taken: 26 April, 2012

This shot was taken with my Zeiss Ikon Contessa (the non-folding version – there are a lot of variations).  I’m a bit unclear but some people seem to think it has a coupled rangefinder.  I’ve either got a model without the rangefinder or mine is broken or… I’m very stupid.  I’ve got an external light meter so I can get the exposure right without the built-in selenium meter (which works but tells me nothing), but guessing on focus is an interesting endeavor.  You can always set to infinity and shoot something far away.   Works pretty well here.


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