Please Kill Me Before I Have To Do That Again

I might have told you a few days back that I had migrated the blog to a new host.  That was true, except for one thing.  During the migration, somehow the database that runs the show and makes everything sparkling and magical got a bit borked.  Everything seemed to work, except the plugin I use to show you all the info on each picture couldn’t find things.  I tried all sorts of configuration until I realized it just wasn’t going to happen.  My options were to attempt to edit the database (a really bad idea), manually remove and reupload all my pictures (a super time consuming bad idea), have my great friend Josh try and fix it (a very promising but ultimately unsuccessful bad idea), or figure out what happened and how to fix it.

In the end, I had to delete my whole blog, including the wordpress install and database , which scares the living crap out of me, and rebuild it.  Since the files are all in the same places, after reimporting the XML file I had saved, it mostly came back to life.  I had to rebuild all the pages, reconfigure everything, fix some CSS, blah blah blah.

Along the way, there was a little damage.  If you were subscribed to a post, that went away.  I’m sure I’m more sorry about it than you are and I heartily encourage you to resubscribe if you’d like.  If you made a comment on my last post or two, that’s gone too.  I really like comments.  I miss them already.

Long story short, although there was a bit of damage, I really think we’re back online and relatively trouble-free.  I’m not going to touch anything unless I really have to.  Please tell me if you see anything funny, otherwise, back to doing the photography thing, no more doing the “make it work” thing.




  1. So have I been missing the Pink Elephant this whole time? Damn, I quite like that pic. As to the blog migration, glad to see it all went back together. I did a rather similar thing with my work accounting software yesterday and had a few moments of panic. Like you though, it all pulled through. Cheerio.


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