What Now?

Hey fearless reader – glad you’ve made it this far.  When I started this blog, I wasn’t exactly sure what would happen, but I’ve really enjoyed having an outlet for my photography and having a way to show it to folk like you.  In any case, I’m curious what you think.  Do you like exactly what I’m doing?  Do you want more pictures?  People?  Places?  Things?  Technique?  Photoshop?  What do you like?  What is it that you want!?! Anyway, if you would leave me a comment below, I’d really appreciate it.  Anything at all.  I promise to at least attempt to listen.


  1. I like your photos! You have a nice variety. I don’t know the right terms, but I like your close-up pictures – like of the boat in Thailand, or the chains on the side of the road during the winter storm, or the barbed wire fence, or the butterflies. I like interesting outdoor pictures, and I also like pictures of people. Keep it up, blogger!


  2. I love the nature shots, old buildings, mountains, fields, definitely outdoors stuff.

    BTW, where are you currently located, getting all these great, varied shots?



  3. Dude, the technique and Photoshop tactics. I’m a thoroughly amateur photographer and your posts about technique and technology are quite informative.


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