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Hello Reader,

I know that you devoutely set to your start page in order to easily keep up with anything I might add, so for the most part, this post is fairly irrelevant.  If, however, you were away from your computer – say the boss makes you set the company site as your homepage – you might want an easy way to keep up with, right?  Well do I have just the thing for you.

You might notice I’ve moved my RSS feed icon up to the top of the right column.  See it up there?  It’s orange and says “subscribe to my feed”.  I know you know how RSS works already, but just in case you, for example, have been recently hit in the head, I’ll go over it again.

RSS (or “Real Simple Syndication”) is a technology that allows you to see any updates to my site without having to… you know… actually go to it.  All major browsers have it built in.  If you use Firefox, click the link and choose “subscribe now”.  In Firefox this is called “Live Bookmarks” and looks like this – see how it looks like a bookmark with my most recent 10 posts in it?:

Firefox Live Bookmarks

In Internet Explorer, it’s called a feed and lives next to the bookmarks.  If you click the link and just keep pressing ok, you’ll end up seeing something like this:

RSS Feeds in Internet Explorer

Even better than Firefox and Internet Explorer, Google, Yahoo, and many others have special webpages that act as RSS readers.  My favorite is Google Reader.  Sign in, and add my feed!  It’s the best way to know when there are updates to my site (and any of your other favorites) all in one place.  All you have to do from Google Reader is press the “Subscribe” button and type in  It’s easy – I swear!  If you don’t get it, email me.  I’ll even play tech support for you.  Let me know how it goes!

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