Hello? world?

So it’s come to this.  After working on internet-related things for 12 years and not creating a blog, I’ve gone and created a blog.  I had a good reason not to create a blog thusfar – I really have very little to say about anything truly unique and my own and anyone who wants to hear it probably has ample options for doing so.  Two things have changed though.  The first is I find myself in my own employ – or to put it another way, I find myself no longer being paid by anyone else, and as such I have some time on my hands.  The second is that with that time I’m trying to take pictures again – something I’ve always loved.  So that’s what I’ll do here – post some of my pictures for your persusal, compliments, disdain, etc.  Maybe it takes, maybe it doesn’t – I’m going to give it a try.

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