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2017.09.19 Update: Two things since I posted this:

  1.  I’m currently hosting my blog myself.  This isn’t for everyone and it isn’t the most robust, but it’s certainly the cheapest if you already have the gear.
  2. One of the folks at Cloudwards reached out to me about linking to their rundown on what to look for in a cheap web host and the article isn’t bad.  Take a look here.

If you are reading this, odds are my blog has been migrated to a new host.  I meant to focus on this a week or two back, but I managed to mangle the translation a few times and well… I need a little me time first.

As far as I know, we’re sitting on a new host.  The masthead has been refreshed as well – nice elephant, eh?  Other than that, I know of one problem – the exif information (specifics about each photograph) that usually appear in a little table underneath the shot aren’t showing up right.  I need your help finding out what else is wrong, because I’m sure there is something.

If you could be so kind as to randomly click three links deep, wherever you want to go, and tell me if you see anything else messed up, I would be forever in your debt.  Do it for me, before google finds the problems and destroys my meager page rank.

Thanks team!

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