I Like You

I’ve been writing this blog for a while now.  You’ve been stopping by, here and there, to check in and look at a picture – maybe read a few words on how it got made.  Maybe you just do it to pander to me, but somehow I doubt that – I don’t often convince people to pander, which leads me to believe you like what you see.  I’m also under the impression you’re a facebook subscriber.  Everybody is a facebook subscriber, unless you’re one of those people uppity enough about preserving your privacy that you’ve quite facebook by now.  Talk is cheap, as they say, so I assume you’re still there.  Lucky enough, now your two favorite work diversions have come together.  You can like and share my blog with your facebook chums:

See that red circle?  You can now find the like and share buttons after each post.  If you could find it in your heart to spread the love, I’d appreciate it.  I do indeed like you.

UPDATE 6/23@2:45 pm: It is a rare day that any post comes close to touching what is clearly my most popular.  This bokeh post stands head and shoulders above all others on this blog but today, this guy made it to the top.  Thanks for liking me!

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