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So it took about 7 months, but that last post, the one full ‘o cones, was post 100.  I had to wait until post 101 to talk about it because you can’t cheap out on #100, right?  Well anyway, I had to write something.  When I started doing this, I had a lot of pictures saved up that I never bothered to do much with.  I loved taking them but didn’t have much motivation to do it, and I didn’t know all that much about post-processing them because I never did much after I pressed the shutter release on the camera.  This blog has taught me a ton, but I just wanted to say that more than I probably should, I appreciate the folks who read it.  I started this for me, but I know who you are.  Thanks for checking in.  Double thanks for commenting and letting me know what you like and what you’re interested in.  Triple thanks to Christopher Frizzelle The Stranger, who linked to a couple pictures I took and brought about 100x more traffic than I’d ever seen for a period of two days as well as some Arabic language Flickr group who continually makes one of my bokeh posts the most visited on the site.  I’m going to keep doing this as long as I can and if you agree to keep coming back, it would make things that much more fun.


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