Masthead History

Until recently, I had a blog masthead – it was a sort of totem animal for the place.  Although I’m not currently using one, I’ll keep this page around.

Every once in a while, things need sprucing up around here (read: I had some time, but I don’t have any photos worth posting).  This page is a history of the masthead changes.

2008.12.05: I installed some stuff.  I have a blog.  Blog needs a masthead.  Using canned graphics won’t due.  I’m gonna need to think up something pithy to say too.  Here’s how we start:

Sunset Masthead

2008.12.08: The original masthead was done in a hurry – something to fit the theme and a pretty picture, but I didn’t think it went well with the blog.  Too tall too – gonna have to touch some CSS.  Here’s the replacement:

Breadtags Masthead

2009.02.11: I thought the Bread Tag Masthead was really nice and left it for a while.  Not many of my pictures have an interesting horizontal slice.  I also realized that there are a few more criteria – a darker left side for my text to sit on top of and some subject matter that won’t make it illegible.  It took some browsing and I had to flip this one horizontally to put the things I needed on the left.  The taglines are fun but I dunno if I’m creative enough to come up with too many more:

Wat Arun Masthead

2010.01.01ish: It seemed high time for a new masthead.  I really liked the last one – it had a nice flow and reminded me of exotic travels, which never hurts.  I also realized that the pictures that worked the best here were very strong horizontally, but also had a dark or light plain corner to overlay some text in.  After a bit of searching, I came up with this one:

2011.01.20: Holy shit – a whole year?  How is that possible?  I suppose I was waiting for the right thing.  I’m sticking with that explanation.  It generally takes an interesting picture with an area in the corner of solid background for me to overlay some text – that isn’t just anything, you know?  Anyway, people around here loove the bokeh, so here you go:

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