New EIR on the way!

I think I’ve made it pretty obvious that the one thing I can no longer get but really wish I could is Kodak’s discontinued Ektachrome/Aerochrome EIR (especially in 35mm).  There is nothing like it in the digital realm and especially when processed as regular slide film (E6), the results were pretty amazing.  Orange grass.  Milky white skin where you could see the veins underneath.  Good stuff, and sadly no longer produced.  I snagged a few of the last rolls of 110, hand-rolled from some bulk stock that a guy in Germany had, but it’s not really the same as being able to buy it at your local camera store.

It still might not be the same, but the wonderfully strange folks at Lomography started producing their own version called LomoChrome Purple XR.  I honestly don’t know what it will be like but after waiting upwards of 6 months since my order, I just got a tracking number, so I’ll know soon!