Ghost Town or New House

How do you decide when to take a picture  in black and white as opposed to color?  In the film days, it was actually a decision you had to make but with digital, it always starts as color.  Most cameras have a black and white mode, but you’re kinda nuts if you use it*.

Most of the time when I take a picture and decide to process it into a B&W image, it’s because it either has really strong lines and contrast or it has very little in the way of color to start.  That was what I found here:

Ghost Town or Garage Wall?

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Happy Valentine's Day

Wooden Heart Carved Into a Railing

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I used to really hate Valentine’s Day.  Now I just kinda dislike it.  Only on this day is a romantic gesture seen as compulsory instead of… well… romantic. Even so, it’s a good reminder – do something nice for yourself or someone else. You can do it tomorrow too, if you wanna rebel against the system. Happy Valentine’s Day everybody.