Wall, Sky, Trees

I posted this a little while ago, and while I do find some of the sculptures in the Seattle Sculpture Park nice to look at and all, I find myself mostly drawn to the things around them rather than the sculptures themselves.  For example, taking a picture of the Eagle is much more interesting to me when done at night with the Space Needle behind it, a train in front, and a plane overhead.

So here I am, back at the Sculpture Park and instead of shooting the sculptures, I’m shooting the wall again.  I really like the lines – what can I say?  I do think the merits of this one are the sky above and the organic shadows of the trees showing you what you can’t see.  Here it is.

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Sky Above, Concrete Below

The Seattle Sculpture Garden is thankfully within walking distance from my work.  A great place to browse, watch the security guards watching you, etc.  They’ve got some good stuff (although it rarely to never changes) but every time I go, I can’t help but look at those walls framing everything.

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I’m always trying to find a way to get a picture of those lines, those shadows.  Usually I try and fill the whole frame with it and it never works.  This one I like better.  Sky!  Who woulda known?

Wet Makes Moss

Sometimes it rains in Seattle.  I mean it – it only rains sometimes.  Wet, however, is a state of almost constant being.  Seattle is damp.  Seattle is drippy. Seattle has moss.

Mossy Green Wall

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I can’t say that scenes like this are rare, but the forest-like nature in the middle of the neighborhood seemed just right to me.  It reminds me why I like carrying around my camera while I’m taking walks on rainy days.  It also bewilders me why people feel the need for specialty lenses like the Lens Baby line. They’re not cheap enough to be toys (well… except when compared to real lens prices) and they create an effect you could otherwise create in Photoshop, if you didn’t want to do it yourself, like above, with a small aperture.  Just sayin…