Bingo At The Port?

Unbeknown to many, the Port of Seattle has a bunch of parks with, if not water access, at least a water view.  Typically, the deal is that you may or may not see some nondescript sign, which directs you down an alley, across some railroad tracks, slightly to the side of a sign that clearly reads DO NOT ENTER and behind a warehouse surrounded by chain link fence.  As much as they’ve spent money to *create* something you can visit, it seems pretty obvious that they don’t care if anyone actually comes.  Often times you end up in a parking lot with a view of the port, but in certain cases, at the end of the hidden road, there is actually something worth seeing.  Jack Block Park is one of the ones that makes you wonder who, exactly, decided to spend so much money creating such a nice park that nobody knows exists.  Great views and a great walkway.  Maybe I’ll post pictures of it sometime.  The part I find most interesting is the view of the working port and cargo terminal next door.  Can anyone tell me what these things are all about?  Longshoreman bingo or something?


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