Happy Valentine’s Day 2011

When my lovely wife brought these home, I wasn’t thinking about Valentine’s Day, but they do seem to go, right?

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I was thinking more about macro.  With the 100mm lens and the 1.6 multiplier, you can get pretty close.  Your depth of field goes to nothing in a hurry, so I stopped this down to f/10 – I had the luxury of tripod and natural light, which helps.

Another thing I’d never really realized is that flowers are mega dust traps.  You can keep your lens clean, but if the subject you’re shooting attracts dust, get ready to spend some time cleaning it up on the computer.  Luckily Lighroom makes it a breeze, but it was still a nasty realization.

In any case, happy Valentine’s Day.  I hope someone bought each and every one of you some nice flowers, marked up to a ridiculous price.