Native Americana, via View Master

UW Arboretum Totem Pole, TtV

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I’m sure it’s the grainy quality and the vignetting around the edge of the picture, but this shot of a totem pole I found in the UW arboretum reminds me of something from a ViewMaster disk.  I’m thinking it would be titled something like “Indians carved these elaborate poles before we wiped them out and took their stuff”.  This one stands watch over the Montlake Cut.  When cruising by in a large yacht, I’m sure it’s fun to look at.

I like the angle in this shot a lot – one of the things about Through The Viewfinder is that you’re holding a periscope shaped device in front and below you, so for once, getting a low angle looking up at the subject is relatively easy (nothing is exactly easy with the contraption).  Until my DSLR gets a movable live-view LCD, this is about the only way I have to take shots from this angle.

What Guards Your Village?

Korean Jangseung Totem Poles

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I’ve added Seoul to the list of cities I’ve officially visited. Although it was just a layover, it lasted 10 hours and I actually left the airport, so it counts. It seemed like a cool city and I found some cool Jangseung Totem Poles, so I was happy. These are they – a pair would be used to guard the entrance to a village against evil spirits.  That’s what the sign said anyway, and any sign next to a Pocari Sweat machine has got to be telling the truth.  I thought they were pretty rad. The backlighting was a good situation to use HDR. Without it, I would have had to choose to either overexpose the sky or lose all the detail in the faces. I did a little post processing, but nothing big.