Faking the Tilt Shift

More tilt-shift fakery:

Tilt-shift shot of the Flyer tug

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It really helps to be above and a distance from the subject to make the illusion work.  Medium-tall buildings are good, as are stadiums.  Too high and the subjects are too far away.  This is a bit borderline, but it’s a good downward angle.

Tilt-Shift Photography On The Cheap

So there’s this thing called Tilt-Shift Photography, which I guess could also be called “using a tilt-shift lens on your camera.  What is a tilt shift lens?  It’s a horrendously expensive specialty lens often used by people taking architectural photography.  Why are you reading this?  Because tilt-shift is fun stuff:

Soap Box Derby Banana

Alright – I admit it.  That’s not real tilt-shift.  The good news is that you can fake it too – easy!  Click the link and I’ll tell you all about it.  It’s easy.  Did I say easy?  I meant easy.  Click the jump.  Do it.

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