Composite Tree

Here is another TtV collage from the same set as this guy.  I’m still thinking about the layout that I like best.  Something linear with a slight curve like the last post looked really good to me, but there is something about the vertical and slightly haphazard orientation here that I like as well.  Just like everything else, an interesting subject doesn’t hurt.


An improvement?  I’m not sure.  If you like this one I have another one of the fence in the background.  Maybe I’ll post that next.

Everyone Needs A Contraption

Since I’ve been posting more of those Through the Viewfinder pictures (or at least thinking about them) again, I thought I’d finally get around to showing you the magic behind the pictures – the Contraption. I don’t exactly know why everyone calls them that, but there are a lot of these people, and “contraption” is what they all call it.  Anyway, here it is.

Full view of TtV Contraption

Want more details and pictures?  Click the link for more.

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Spring, As Requested

TtV Flower from the Arboretum

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The seasons are changing for real.  Today I wore a light jacket and got hot – hot, I say!  That means something around here.  Also around here, there are flowers.  I took this picture in the Arboretum – a great place for finding things like this.  I’d tell you what kind it is, but this is a photography blog, not a botany blog.  Also, we’re back to TtV (Through the Viewfinder) – something I have fun with but also something you requested back when I asked.  Happy yet?

Payphone TtV

Payphone TtV

Another one where the loose focus, rough edges, and distorted lens make you look for something old. When you see it, things make sense. When you see that it’s in our apartment, I guess that makes a little less sense. What – you don’t have a payphone? Who’s the weirdo now?
  • ApertureValue: f/2.8
  • DateTimeOriginal: 2008:12:04 15:03:17
  • ExposureTime: 1/4 sec
  • Flash: No Flash
  • FocalLength: 100 mm
  • ISOSpeedRatings: 400

What You'd Expect

Cadillac Sedan, TtV

When I started taking these TtV photos, something clicked. Usually I’m not a huge fan of the pictures I take in Seattle. I think it’s the light – they lack contrast and the colors don’t pop. When I looked at these pictures I realized, that’s just what you need. With an old cruddy camera, scratches and rust on the viewfinder, the square format with the visible prism edge, you expect muted colors and gray days. Shooting this Caddy (admittedly still a little modern for the technique) just seems to work.  Compare it with another shot, on the same day, of something a little more modern – am I making this up or are you with me?
  • ApertureValue: f/3.5
  • DateTimeOriginal: 2008:12:05 11:49:16
  • ExposureTime: 1/160 sec
  • Flash: No Flash
  • FocalLength: 100 mm
  • ISOSpeedRatings: 400

On A Winter's Day

Winter Balcony View, TtV

Alright – I’ll just say it. I’m a BIG fan of *stuff*. One of the things I’ve talked myself out of buying more than once is a LensBaby attachment for my camera. This trick lens lets you blur parts of the frame and leave focus in the middle. It just never made enough sense for me to buy, and that’s saying something. One of the great parts about the TtV style is that you get the quality of the viewfinder you’re shooting through and most of these old cameras have some issues. My particular copy has some pretty serious blur around the edges – I love it!
  • ApertureValue: f/5
  • DateTimeOriginal: 2008:12:04 15:05:48
  • ExposureTime: 1/320 sec
  • Flash: Off
  • FocalLength: 100 mm
  • ISOSpeedRatings: 4294902160

Live from my kitchen


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Two great things about TtV photography: due to the shape of the contraption used to take the pictures, you get a great viewpoint – periscope style, if you will. The second is that you’re taking a picture of a negative view, so until you flip things, they’re backward. I don’t know why, but I like most of my pictures better backward.