Stacks and Stacks of Cans

My second favorite part of the port (you saw #1 last week) are those stacks and stacks of shipping containers.  I liked them even before season two of The Wire.  Something about the sort of adult building blocks nature they have going on, or maybe the bright colors they are often painted.  Maybe the fact that they just pile them into mountains and leave them (for sale?  to rust?) in large gated yards.  I don’t know but something does it for me.

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My main problem is that they almost always sit behind big fences and if you can’t get close, you can’t get a very good shot.  These were behind a fence, but they were close enough to it that I could get close and shoot up.  If they’d let me into the middle of the stacks I’m sure I could get some cool shots, but for some reason they don’t seem to love random dudes with cameras in the middle of their business, so I guess I’ll settle for not being chased off for taking pictures from the outside.  Once again, shot this hand-held with my S90, set to auto-bracket and attempted to keep things still to get 3 shots for the HDR.  The containers came out pretty clean but it was windy – you can see the clouds moving between frames – probably 1 second total exposure time!