Through the Telescope

On the surface of it, taking pictures is all about finding a way to show other people how you see the world.  Often times, I just want the picture to reflect what I really saw – the framing, the light, whatever.

Other times, seeing a scene through a new light reflects something new.  These Through the Viewfinder pictures were all about a new way of seeing.  I like any sort of new framing device.

As it so happens there are a bunch of those big metal telescopes (kinda like this one) across the street from my work, overlooking Elliott Bay.  I was kinda curious if I could shoot through them.  Turns out I can.

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That’s Smith Tower, poking out over downtown.  Want to see a few more?  Hit the jump.

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Ships At Work

I grew up in San Diego.  We had ferries there, or at least a ferry.  Up here in Washington, things are totally different.  Back there a ferry was maybe 50 people and a few bikes.  Up here it can be thousands of people and hundreds of cars.  So what if they sport 60’s decor and sometimes massive rust holes?  It just makes the journey that much more exciting.  You don’t feel like you’re just going somewhere – you feel the adventure!  This is The Hyak:

Washington State Ferry Hyak - Bridge

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