Autumn Leaves In Seattle

Seattle has seasons.  Specifically fall.  Some years it happens fast as the leaves turn orange and red and are immediately ripped from the branches and thrust into the storm drains to form lakes by torrential rain.  Some years you get a little time to enjoy things before bad weather takes it all away.  All I know is that I’m from Southern California.  This doesn’t happen there.  Palm fronds are green or dead – they are never orange or yellow.

It’s quite cliche, but it’s hard not to appreciate when you see it in person.  There are plenty of great sites of tree-covered hillsides or trees lining streets, but I think it’s easy to overlook just how amazing each leaf can be up close.

Orange Autumn Leaf Close-up

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They’re all cool, different, etc.  I think all of these are maples, but there’s birch and aspen and all kinds of picturesque-sounding things up here.  I’ve got more – really!  Be sure to hit the jump to see them all.

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