My Favorite Mistakes

Anyone who has taken enough pictures knows two things.  Some of the shots you assume will be great turn out pretty blah.  On the flip side, some of the shots you didn’t expect much from, or maybe didn’t even take on purpose, will end up being your favorites.  Take lots of pictures, worry about it later.  So it is with this one.

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Taken in a Safeway parking lot.  Taken at night, without any real attempt to stabilize the camera, hand holding my S90, at only ISO400.  I could have set the camera on the wall.  I could have cranked up the ISO (although I didn’t want it any noisier than this).  That isn’t the point.  It took it, I bought some groceries, and looking at it later, I liked it.  Shooting up into the trees means that the cars and other distractions are gone.  The floodlights from the lot wash out all the detail (and me playing with the contrast burns some more) leaving just shapes and sky.  I didn’t intend it to be exactly this shot – I didn’t really intend it to be anything.  I’m just happy with what it is.