Angles and Sunshine

Group Health Corner

Camera & Lens   Canon EOS DIGITAL REBEL XT (Canon) & 50.0 mm     Shutter:   1/800 s
Creation Date:   2009:02:18 14:43:29     Aperture:   f/22.0
Artist:   Ari Brown     ISO:   200
Exposure Mode:   Aperture priority     Focal Length:   50 mm

I went out to see what I could see the other day.  I have this big photo-collecting problem: I’m always ready to go after lunch, which is about as bad of a time as one could pick for most pictures.  The only thing left at that time are bugs and flowers (macro stuff) or super high-contrast stuff, like the side of the Group Health office up the street.  I usually find it pretty darn ugly, but in the late day winter sun, the lines and reflection caught my eye.  This was shot with my little 50mm cheapo lens.  I sure do love how sharp it is and the colors always look great too.

Wat Phra Kaew Reflection

Wat Phra Kaeo Reflection

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One more picture from Wat Phra Kaew. Might be the last, but no promises. This shot is a reflection of the Royal Pantheon (Prasat Phra Dhepbidorn, if my handout is to be believed) in one of the lilypad and water-filled planters around the site. I often forget that some of the best shots aren’t directly at the subject. Reflections sometimes bring a nice change in viewpoint.