Lightspace in the Park

Working next to Occidental Square provides some benefits.  Quick access to Grand Central Bakery cookies.  The time I saw 5 bald eagles perched in the trees.  This summer, it has been the random appearance of public art.

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It is, of course, only random to me.  After looking into it, I learned that this piece was part of Prismatic Lightscape by MiLa.  I appreciate how it makes the square feel alive with the strips of cellophane snapping in the breeze.  You’d hardly know that most of the time the only sound comes from the ramblings of hobos.  Hey – better than nothing!

Low Light Abstracts Your Photography

I mentioned the Seattle Underground Tour in the last post.  Low light, shoving tourists, not a lot of time.  In cases like this, you get a lot of what you get:

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Sometimes that isn’t a bad thing though.  Back in the film days it was more of a change, but even now it feels odd to some people: taking good pictures is all about taking a whole lot of picture.  What you get will vary and what you expect to like might not be what you do.  For these shots, I wasn’t trying to really document what I was seeing because I knew it wouldn’t come out, but I like the effect anyway.

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The hand-held shots means camera shake.  High ISO means noise.  Funny lighting means… funny light.  It just is what it is and these two, I liked.  Wish I’d have taken more, but it was a tour, not photo time.  Oh… and if you are wondering, these two are both the old glass sidewalk skylights common in Pioneer Square – if you see them on the street, the ground underneath is hollow.

You Best Protect Your Neck

A ways back, I posted a picture of the Fire Fighter Memorial sculpture in Occidental Park.  I just found another one I liked too, so here you go.

Seattle Fire Fighter Memorial Sculpture

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One thing this shares with the earlier one from the same series is they both have that creamy smooth bokeh going on, thanks to the 50mm lens.  It might be the cheapest lens I have but it’s also the only one that lets you blur the background just so.  I’m not sure this one has the punch that the other does, but I like the highlights around the SFD helmet and how when things are sharp, they’re sharp.

The Man In Charge

Pioneer Square has some pretty cool stuff in it.  Mostly it’s bookstores, rock shops, and your odd vintage pottery store, but they’ve also got these statues of firefighters in all their bronze glory.  Firefighter Statue in Occidental Square Park

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I’ve been looking at these statues trying to figure out how to work a picture in since I started working in the area almost three months ago.  They’re not so big that they drown out the surroundings and they’re not so intricate that it’s macro lens material, but yesterday I had my trusty nifty-fifty with me and the big wide aperture seemed to do the trick.  The man means business, you know?