Bend Panorama Done Right

Yesterday I put up this panorama I took in Bend, OR.  I was excited that it came out nicely, and when my computer barfed trying to edit this huge file, I just posted what I had.  Today I wanted to do it right, so here we go.  This one has the edits I wanted, plus click for the extra large and pretty version!

Panoramic view of Cascade peaks from Bend OR

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Today’s post comes with a bonus too – name those peaks!

Panoramic mountain view from Bend OR, with labels on mountain peaks


Ah… that’s better.

What You Can See From Bend


I’m calling this Panorama Version 1.  This weekend I was in Bend, OR.  One of my favorite things about the high desert of Bend is that unlike Seattle, you can really see.  There aren’t a lot of trees to get in your way and things in town are mostly flat, while to the West, the sky is ringed with mountains.  On the east side of town, Pioneer Butte rises a few hundred feet and you can drive right to the top, which I did for this shot around sunset.

Mountain peaks visible from Pioneer Butte in Bend OR


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I’ll put up a better shot tomorrow.  My main problem is technological – this is 8 frames stitched together and my computer barfs when it tries to do anything to it.  As for editing, I think I’m going to take out the little swipe of clouds in the top middle – it’s just too distracting up there.  I’d also like to label the peaks.  From left to right I know we have Tumalo, Broken Top, the Three Sisters, Mt. Washington and Mt. Jefferson, but I want to check with those in the know before claiming exactly which is which.  The radio towers in the middle are on Awbrey Butte, still in town.  More soon, including a bigger full-size shot!

Leaping Dogs – Too Apt?

Nothing says Americana like neon signs, right?  This is one from my trip to Corvallis from a few posts back.  Downtown Corvallis has a few blocks of old-timey cute, and although they don’t have much that ties them to the rest of the world, I suppose Greyhound still counts.  These days, the reputation is that of the crazy and the can’t-afford-Amtrak, so maybe a leaping dog doesn’t have the cache it used to, but the signs always make me think of a time when it meant a lot more.


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I would have liked to come back and shoot this at night, but we didn’t have time.  Also, hanging around a bus station at night with a camera?  Not necessarily the best idea.

No Better Place To Stop, Rest

I just returned from two days, primarily featuring the drive from Seattle to Corvallis and then back again in quick succession.  It wasn’t too bad, except for that traffic part.  Got to see some great things along the way, including the wedding that we were going for, but the trees weren’t bad either.  Oregon rest stops, well done.


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