Maples Leaves Gone Red – Infrared

This time of year, the leaves remaining on the trees have usually turned colors already.  This shot is from all the way back in July, but catches the maples of Volunteer Park in full red glory.  Yeah – Aerochrome EIR will do that.

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This one was also shot with my Rollei, using the same Aerochrome EIR as the other shot here.

Winter Leaves are Brown and Crunchy

Last year I took a bunch of pictures of fallen leaves while they were red and yellow and gorgeous and such.  I will admit that the short time between summer and pouring rain is pretty beautiful in the Pacific Northwest.

This year I wanted to do something different.  Well… either different or I was asleep at the switch while things were so colorful.  No – it was on purpose.  I swear.  After the colors comes the crunch:

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There is something to be said for these leaves too.  What they lose in beauty they more than make up in character.  You can just hear the crunch, yeah?  One more shot, same style, different background:

Favorites?  #1 or #2?  I go between.  I like the framing of the second but I like the vibrancy of the first.