North Head Lighthouse – Cape Disappointment

The very south-west corner of Washington is Lewis and Clark country.  Other than oysters, it’s all “Dismal Nitch” and “Hungry Harbor“.  As a photographer however, I’m pulled to the lighthouses.

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Dating from 1896, this is one of two lighthouses that have steered ships into the Columbia river for over one hundred years.  On the wind-blasted cliffs, these sentinels shine the way.  I don’t know if it was visits to the Point Loma Lighthouse in my formative years, but I’m always drawn to these things.  I shot this in HDR to bring out a little texture in the shadows, but on an overcast day it was hardly necessary.

Welcome to Seaview

South of Long Beach WA is a little town called Seaview – more of a community really.  Many of the houses date from the 1800’s and the whole place feels like what I imagine New England would feel like if transported to the west coast.  I mean… I imagine because people have told me that, not because I’ve been to New England.  Anyway, Seaview is a nice place to stare at the ocean, or attempt to drive into it.

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