Seattle and the Atomic Age

Before Seattle was a city that couldn’t get anything done (thanks, NIMBYs!), there was a time when Big Things happened here.  Like building a big phallic space tower for the World’s Fair.  Now Seattle Center is mostly home to that arena nobody wants and your odd music festival.  Tucked into the nooks and crannies are still memories of that big celebration.  In the northwest corner are some dilapidated conference rooms.  The courtyard outside is illuminated with these.

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Shooting up into the sun at mid-day, I decided to turn it into an HDR to bring out more of the tone in the shadows.  I love these lights though – they should put them everywhere.

Lots Of Lights At The Port

Lights at the Port of Seattle

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I can’t explain why the port fascinates me so much – maybe too much of The Wire, Season 2 or something.  Seattle is a huge port town, even though it’s easy to ignore.  There are also some great parks where you can watch the action.  I went out on a day far too cold to take some pictures, but didn’t really like anything I shot of the cans (heh… cans), trucks, or ships.  I do like the lights though.  When you’re working around the clock, I suppose you need to see what you’re doing.   During the day, it’s just a 12-armed monster.  Love the shape though – I like how it looks in sepia too.