The Bees of Spring

It may be basic, but when you think about macro photography, the first thing you think… bugs, right?  Other than the fact that they move and they’re hard to control, especially outside, there is good reason.  Here’s my bumblebee:

Bumblebee macro picture

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With my 100mm macro lens, things get really big, if you can get close enough.  While this is great, it also means you have a pretty darn shallow depth of field, which means that your bee looks more like this:

Macro Bumblebee picture with focus on the wings

Nice bee wings but I was going for a full-bee type of thing.  Anyway, getting distracted.  Cameras these days are pretty darn good – my 3-generation-old Digital Rebel XT still leaves plenty of room for cropping, which is what I did on the picture above to give it just about the same look as the closer picture below.  I guess the parting thought is that although it is always good to try and shoot what you want to end up with, sometimes cropping is a useful tool.  Want a little tip?  Hit the jump.

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