Smokestacks and Lines and Shapes

I posted a picture of the bridge of the ferry Hyak a while back.  The huge and almost universally outdated ferries that ply the waters of the Puget Sound are a constant symbol of life in the North West, but unless you actually live on an island or commute to one, it’s not something you actually ride every day.  Grey’s Anatomy not withstanding, these are things seen from afar, so when I do get a chance to ride one, it’s a lot of fun.  Here is another picture I took on the same trip.  Since the maximum capacity for most of these ships is based around cars, they usually have capacious passenger decks with few people on them.  Getting a few shots of the uncrowded lines of the upper area and smokestack isn’t that hard, but I always love the mix of simple colors and shapes.

Smoke Stack of the Ferry Hyak

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Ships At Work

I grew up in San Diego.  We had ferries there, or at least a ferry.  Up here in Washington, things are totally different.  Back there a ferry was maybe 50 people and a few bikes.  Up here it can be thousands of people and hundreds of cars.  So what if they sport 60’s decor and sometimes massive rust holes?  It just makes the journey that much more exciting.  You don’t feel like you’re just going somewhere – you feel the adventure!  This is The Hyak:

Washington State Ferry Hyak - Bridge

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