Love in the Springtime

Seattle doesn’t rain as often as most other people think, but days are short and gray most of the year.  Spring is the time when things are different up here.  I saw this tree on my walk up the hill and I’m sure it’s been this way forever, but spring is when I notice.

heart carved into a tree

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It also doesn’t hurt that the return of the sun means that there is actual natural light outside.  I really like low-light and different lighting techniques, but nothing does for colors what natural light does.

Happy Valentine's Day

Wooden Heart Carved Into a Railing

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I used to really hate Valentine’s Day.  Now I just kinda dislike it.  Only on this day is a romantic gesture seen as compulsory instead of… well… romantic. Even so, it’s a good reminder – do something nice for yourself or someone else. You can do it tomorrow too, if you wanna rebel against the system. Happy Valentine’s Day everybody.

DIY Bokeh or “how to make pretty stars”

Everyone has seen pictures like this with points of light in the background. The technique where shallow depth of field allows you to throw everything but the subject out of focus is known as Bokeh.  What I’ve always noticed is the way points of light look in the out of focus area.   I also learned that you can shape them, and when I finally got around to it I made my own:


For more info on how it works and all the nerdly stuff, hit the jump.

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