Back To Gas Works

When I had all the time in the world, I used to drive around Seattle every day looking for pictures to take.  Just because you have time doesn’t mean you can find them.  No matter how many times I go, however, Gas Works Park always has something.  Yesterday, it was this:

Coal Gas Tower at Gas Works Park

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The rust, the rivets!  I never get tired of it.  Shooting this one up against an overcast but bright sky, it was a bit hard to get the tower to stand out without washing out the sky, so I went back to my pseudo-HDR style to pull things apart.  I’m sure there are other ways to get the same effect, but once you’ve got this one sorted out, it’s really fast and easy.

Fire Hydrants Are People Too

Not that you would have any way of knowing it, but some of my favorite pictures are of fire hydrants.  I had to go back and look to see if I’d ever posted any, but a little textual mention was all I found.  The only picture of mine I have up at home is a fire hydrant, and then this weekend when I was out at Gas Works Park, I saw this (or rather I had it pointed out to me by my sister):

HDR fire hydrant in Gas Works Park

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It’s a fire hydrant.  With eyes.  On a beautiful sunny day in Gas Works Park.  I shot this one in HDR using my standard method (Av Mode, auto bracketing at +/- 2 stops, attempt to hold still) and I think it came out nicely.  I like HDR for simple subjects because of the way the details are highlighted really gives a sense of depth and seperation between the foreground and background.  Or because it looks cool.  One of those.

Snow on the Way

HDR of Gasworks Park covered in snow

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I don’t look at the weather report anymore.  It’s consistently wrong, which is sort of amazing if you assume they’re trying to be right.  As I type this it’s brilliantly sunny and beautiful, but when this hits the site, if the weather folks are somehow right, it will be snowing.  Again.  The only upside is that if my wonderful Subaru-driving friend sorts out his caliper issue, I should be in the mountains where snow is a good thing, not a horrible curse.  In any case, I leave you with another HDR from our last brush with snow a couple weeks ago.   I like how the paths up the hill in Gasworks Park are still visible and the Aurora Bridge peeks out in the background.

Tanks In The Snow

Coal Gassification Tank at Gasworks Park in the snow

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Another Gasworks Park shot from the snowstorm we had this morning.  It’s probably all melted by now, so I’m glad I got there quick.  Every time I come to this park, and really even before I moved to Seattle, I think about how to take pictures of these tanks.  Industrial equipment is just so fun to look at, but the big fence around the base sure is a photographic bummer.  This is one of the larger coal gassification tanks which happens to sit closer to the fence, which allows for a much nicer shot looking up at it.  Some day I’m gonna get inside that fence…

Winter Never Stops Around Here

Gasworks Park Snow HDR

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Just because the weather said it might snow overnight (again) doesn’t mean I believed it.  They *always* say that.  Today they were actually right.  After discovering the buses weren’t running, we got in the car – it really wasn’t that bad.  The upside of dropping my wife at work is that I was already halfway to Gasworks Park.  I always wondered what it looked like under the snow, and now I know.  The lighting was low and soft, so I thought it might be more interesting as an HDR.  I love the old towers and pipes – if they would just take down the fence, this place would be a photographic dream.  Just don’t break through the topsoil to the superfund site below unless toxins really do it for you.