Someone Has Got Some Cleaning To Do

When you like a picture, it doesn’t have to be for any particular reason. Maybe the reason I like this is because it’s old-timey. Maybe because an antique sink, completely covered in dust just has some charm. Maybe it’s because the Seattle Underground Tour is fun for the whole family. Or maybe it’s because this is the most anthropomorphic sink I’ve ever seen.

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C’mon – there’s a face in that, right?  He’s even got a different color for one eye.  That’s great stuff!  But yeah.  A sink.  I just liked it.  Getting a little photography wonky, it was a dark tour.  I took it with my 50mm, which goes down to 1.8, but when you’re being jostled by the crowd, you don’t have a lot of time to set up or a tripod, so you get what you can and I liked how this came out.  With low light, you can often lose some color, which made me want to try it in black and white.  Hit the jump to see that one!

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Fire Hydrants Are People Too

Not that you would have any way of knowing it, but some of my favorite pictures are of fire hydrants.  I had to go back and look to see if I’d ever posted any, but a little textual mention was all I found.  The only picture of mine I have up at home is a fire hydrant, and then this weekend when I was out at Gas Works Park, I saw this (or rather I had it pointed out to me by my sister):

HDR fire hydrant in Gas Works Park

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It’s a fire hydrant.  With eyes.  On a beautiful sunny day in Gas Works Park.  I shot this one in HDR using my standard method (Av Mode, auto bracketing at +/- 2 stops, attempt to hold still) and I think it came out nicely.  I like HDR for simple subjects because of the way the details are highlighted really gives a sense of depth and seperation between the foreground and background.  Or because it looks cool.  One of those.