I never stopped loving big machines.  Cranes, bulldozers, all that.  One of the first words I ever heard my toddler nephew say was “excavator”, so I guess it isn’t just me.  Seattle actually has a pretty sizable industrial area, so getting a view of cranes, trains, etc, isn’t that hard.  Doing it without a fence in your way however, can be more of a challenge.

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I just stumbled on this “park” the other day.  The Port loves providing public access in a way that is so unfriendly and hard to see that you’d never know it was there.  This spot is hidden behind a huge stack of shipping containers, but you get a great view of the Duwamish river and the goings on.

I shot this with my little S90, hand held of course.  If you want to know the difference between a point and shoot (a very good one, but still) and a real DSLR with L-series lens and a tripod, compare it to this one.  I don’t know if you can tell at this resolution, but the fine detail is really incomparable between the two.  Even so, I had my point and shoot – I didn’t have my DSLR.  You can’t take anything if you don’t have your camera.

Space Needle Is Old News

Everyone who comes to Seattle goes up the Space Needle.  Yeah, there’s Pike Place Market, the Fremont Troll, the first Starbucks, and various and sundry salmon-related doo-dads, but the Space Needle is the only thing that *everyone* has done.  Well I’m here today to tell you it’s a waste of time.

Panorama of Qwest Field and Highway 99 Viaduct taken from Smith Tower

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This here is just one side of the view from the 35th story of Smith Tower.  Even if the Space Needle wasn’t 300% more expensive, Smith Tower gets you some history (pre-1960), almost no crowds, and is actually *in* the Pioneer Square / Downtown core, where the Space Needle is actually off to the side.  On a day with anything but pristine clear views, from the Space Needle, you see the side of a few buildings and some water.  From Smith Tower, you get it all.

Only took me 7 years to figure that out.