The Artificial Forest, Via The Orange Trees

Sometimes I see a scene that has promise, but the background isn’t right.  I’ve been walking past this sea of cones, you see, for a few months now.

Orange Cones at Qwest Field

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Lots of cones.  There are a bunch of signs next to it as well, which also have something cool going on, if I can figure it out.  Anyway, as you can tell from the signs picture above, this area is a bit surrounded by fence, cars, trees – lots of things that, as some friends of mine used to say are all great tastes that taste funny together.  So I’ve been thinking about these cones and eventually I think I figured it out.  Get low, get close.  This picture was taken with my wide angle, which means I was REALLY close to the cones to not show what is around.  But the cones are thick enough that it just doesn’t matter.  Sea of cones.  That’s what I wanted, and that’s what I got.