One Last Collage

One last TtV Collage for everyone.  This fence is also from the same set as before.


To be honest, I don’t think the subject itself is that great – I guess I can assure everyone I don’t have a fence fetish.  The part I do like about this is the layering of the images.  I’ve been messing around trying to figure out if it’s best to layer the pictures from one side to another, top to bottom, or what.  As far as I can tell, it all depends on the picture.  I think the symmetry of the layers works here, but then again I took it so of course I think it works.  I’ve gotta say though – this stuff is pretty easy and fun.  If you’re so inclined, it isn’t hard – try it!

Composite Tree

Here is another TtV collage from the same set as this guy.  I’m still thinking about the layout that I like best.  Something linear with a slight curve like the last post looked really good to me, but there is something about the vertical and slightly haphazard orientation here that I like as well.  Just like everything else, an interesting subject doesn’t hurt.


An improvement?  I’m not sure.  If you like this one I have another one of the fence in the background.  Maybe I’ll post that next.

A Path With A Twist

I think maybe, just maybe, I’m getting the hang of these Through the Viewfinder collages.

TtV Path Collage from UW Arboretum

Last time I tried this I think it was sort of interesting but didn’t work for me.  It seems that having one element moving through all of the pictures really helps.  You’d think alignment would be easy, but the perspective quickly warps looking through these old cameras and everything gets fuzzy at the edge of each picture so even lining things up is hard.  Also, just like with panoramas, having the same aperture throughout is pretty key.  So what do you think?  This is a nice quiet path, down in the arboretum.

Through The Viewfinder, Via Collage

I stumbled upon a cool group on Flickr the other day – it’s all about Through The Viewfinder stuff, but with multiple shots pasted together into a collage.  They’ve got some great stuff over there and eventually I got around to trying my hand.  This was just the first effort.  Trust me – I’ll get better at this, almost certainly because I can’t get worse.

Collage of a House, Through The Viewfinder

Kinda fun, yeah?  Well I learned a few things too.  You need a strong subject moving through the frame – coastline, fence, something linear to help align the pictures.  It doesn’t help that the camera I shoot my TtV stuff with is pretty darn soft around the edges of the frame.  Also, I really need to throw it into a bit more of a manual mode, so I can get exposures to match up a bit better.  I like the oddness of it, but room to improve.  Maybe I’ll drag it out again tomorrow.  What do you think?