High Test Booze or Porno Drive-Through?

Summer time in Washington means people hurriedly taking advantage of rain not falling from the sky.  Back when I was living the car life, it meant a whole lot of car shows at XXX Root Beer in Issaquah.  After a while, the cars all look the same, as do the folks who spend their time bringing them out.  In the end, however, I always liked the sign.

XXX Root Beer Sign

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I just never figured out the XXX part.  Strong like booze strong?  Dynamite strong?  Porno strong?  Any theories?

Classic Cars From The Vault

I used to work at a place that had something to do with cars.  While I was there, my photography thing and my work thing seemed to overlap and I got to take some pictures of cars we were reviewing as well as a whole lot of car shows.  The kind of pictures that worked well there weren’t usually the kind I liked taking but I always took a few for myself.  Things like this and this.  I just dug back into the vault from the same show that the other two came from and found another one I liked.


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Only thing is, I can’t for the life of me remember what kind of car it was attached to.  Anyone know at least the make if not the model?  C’mon you car buffs out there – show me what you got!

Getting back to the photo nerd thing, the bokeh is nice.  With so many symmetrical reflections I really like the pattern across the top of the hood.    This image has been chopped up a bit and I don’t have the original so I don’t have the EXIF information, but I’m pretty sure I took this with my 50mm lens just because you can count the number of diaphragm blades that make up the aperture – 5, just like the 5 sided bursts of light you get in this picture.

Empirical Proof of Drinking and Driving in Ballard

Car Covered In Bottlecaps

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For those non-Seattleites out there, Ballard is a community on the edge of Seattle.  Forcibly annexed way back in 1907 (after Seattle decided that if Ballard didn’t want to come to our party, we wouldn’t um… give them any water), it is traditionally populated by Scandanavian fishermen and other characters of similarly ill-repute.  They’ve got boats down there.  They’ve got one of the two remaining Sonic Boom locations.  They’ve got hipsters.  And they’ve also got the Jolly Roger Taproom, with great little Mahi Mahi sammiches, which is why I was there.  From what I’ve seen, they also have Volvo-weilding alcoholics.  Just sayin…

Hood Ornaments From The Sharp Age

Hood Ornaments From The Sharp Age

There was a time when having a space-age hood ornament was more important than the lawsuits you’d be defending against when your car perforated a few pedestrians. Those times have changed, but luckily some of these old cars are still around. I’ve been lucky enough to catch the Old Cars show in my neighborhood a few times and the hood ornaments are my favorite. This is from a 1956 Chevy Nomad, but others from this time are just as… sharp. I’ll post more in coming days.
  • ApertureValue: f/4
  • DateTimeOriginal: 2007:09:01 06:45:11
  • ExposureTime: 1/2000 sec
  • Flash: No Flash
  • FocalLength: 45 mm
  • ISOSpeedRatings: 100

What You'd Expect

Cadillac Sedan, TtV

When I started taking these TtV photos, something clicked. Usually I’m not a huge fan of the pictures I take in Seattle. I think it’s the light – they lack contrast and the colors don’t pop. When I looked at these pictures I realized, that’s just what you need. With an old cruddy camera, scratches and rust on the viewfinder, the square format with the visible prism edge, you expect muted colors and gray days. Shooting this Caddy (admittedly still a little modern for the technique) just seems to work.  Compare it with another shot, on the same day, of something a little more modern – am I making this up or are you with me?
  • ApertureValue: f/3.5
  • DateTimeOriginal: 2008:12:05 11:49:16
  • ExposureTime: 1/160 sec
  • Flash: No Flash
  • FocalLength: 100 mm
  • ISOSpeedRatings: 400