Faking the Tilt Shift

More tilt-shift fakery:

Tilt-shift shot of the Flyer tug

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It really helps to be above and a distance from the subject to make the illusion work.  Medium-tall buildings are good, as are stadiums.  Too high and the subjects are too far away.  This is a bit borderline, but it’s a good downward angle.

South Point Boat Hoists

South Point on the Big Island of Hawaii is a wind-blasted expanse of farmlands, windfarms, and dirt giving way to cliffs and ocean.  The southernmost point in the US, it was until recently one of two places on the island your rental car coverage wouldn’t allow you to go.  The road is fine now – I’m not sure if the rules have changed.  I have heard that the locals that fish from the cliffs may take some liberties with the possessions people leave in their cars when they hike to the beach, so we stayed close.  Against the backdrop of wind and waves, there are a bunch of these creaky old boat hoists.  I think the premise is that this is the shortest route from road to water, but you’d have to be pretty nuts to actually use one.  I wouldn’t put it past some of the folks hanging out down there.

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