Belgian Beer At Home

Maybe a year ago, some friends and I decided to make a Belgian beer.  We make beer of all kinds, so this seemed like a natural step.  It’s a bit more difficult – more finicky, more (expensive) ingredients, but it’s still just beer.  After the brewing, the fermenting, the bottling, and the waiting, the word came in.

It tasted like feet.  And maybe hot dogs.  Five gallons of beer were poured out, and not even for anyone’s homies.  After that we got serious about sanitation and “being careful” (or at least as careful as 4 somewhat drunk guys get).

Recently we got brave enough to try again.

Belgian beer samples in Guinness cups

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This time it worked.  Belgian flavors present, tubular meats and foot stink missing.  It was a good afternoon.

Empirical Proof of Drinking and Driving in Ballard

Car Covered In Bottlecaps

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For those non-Seattleites out there, Ballard is a community on the edge of Seattle.  Forcibly annexed way back in 1907 (after Seattle decided that if Ballard didn’t want to come to our party, we wouldn’t um… give them any water), it is traditionally populated by Scandanavian fishermen and other characters of similarly ill-repute.  They’ve got boats down there.  They’ve got one of the two remaining Sonic Boom locations.  They’ve got hipsters.  And they’ve also got the Jolly Roger Taproom, with great little Mahi Mahi sammiches, which is why I was there.  From what I’ve seen, they also have Volvo-weilding alcoholics.  Just sayin…