Waikiki Beach Skyline

Waikiki is the epitome of Hawaii 5-0-style Hawaii.  The beach culture of the mid 20th century might have evolved a bit between then and now, but the beach is the same.  They’re even bringing back the series, so nostalgia runs high.

I can appreciate the beach and strolling the sand, but the encroaching high-rise hotels, some of them dating back directly to those glory days, make for some of my favorite pictures.

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Starting from the south (zoo, aquarium) end of the strip with Diamondhead at your back, the Aston Waikiki Beach is the first big hotel you see.  I love the scalloped balconies.

I got a bunch more.  Click for the jump.

The Waikiki Beach Marriott sure looks like they stole the 70’s-vintage Aston looks and threw a bit more mirrored glass on it.

The Waikiki Resort Hotel is a sort of stand-out on this section of the strip, mostly because you can tell how much newer it is than some of the other buildings.  I like the mix of tones and lines against the sky.

You know what Resortquest Waikiki Beach Tower?  Not my favorite.  That’s all I’m going to say.

Hey there little Resortquest Waikiki Circle Hotel – you almost make up for your big brother!  Who doesn’t love circular buildings?  And those exposed in-room air conditioners?  How shabby-chique!

The Hyatt Regency Waikiki Beach is the last of the hotels on the south end of the strip.  Going north there are plenty of other highrises, but most are packed so close together than you can’t really take pictures of them in isolation.  The sky as a background, with Hawaiian sunlight streaming through, makes this special to me.  It sounds stupid to say that everything in Hawaii is so vivid that I get excited to takes pictures when I’m there, but it’s true.  I guess that the brightness just helps me see.  More to come.


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