Typewriters – The Real Steampunk

I know someone who has a typewriter collection.  By this I don’t mean he has a couple typewriters.  He has lots of typewriters.  And he has amazing typewriters.  And he displays them.  And they are indeed wonderful.  They are purely mechanical and as far as I can tell they all still work, with some being over 100 years old.

Keys of a Royal Standard Typewriter, from 1906

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Lots of people these days are creating steampunk artifacts – things that look like they are old-timey.  Lots of brass and switches and cogs.  That’s all well and good, but this is the original steampunk.  I love all the intricate metal parts.  The spools and reels and keys and whatever else these things are.  I don’t know more than what he’s told me and what is written about each.  I know that this one is a Royal Standard typewriter from 1906.  I know it has some wickedly cool keys with apothecary symbols on them.  I don’t know much else, but it doesn’t take much for me to appreciate it.  I just love the rows and rows of metal keys.

I hope you like it too, because I’ve got some more pictures, coming up soon.


  1. Hi Ari, Love that pic! I’m a screenwriter up here in Canada and would love to use that image on the face of my biz card. May I?
    Ted DeMarsh
    London, Ontario Canada


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