Through the Telescope

On the surface of it, taking pictures is all about finding a way to show other people how you see the world.  Often times, I just want the picture to reflect what I really saw – the framing, the light, whatever.

Other times, seeing a scene through a new light reflects something new.  These Through the Viewfinder pictures were all about a new way of seeing.  I like any sort of new framing device.

As it so happens there are a bunch of those big metal telescopes (kinda like this one) across the street from my work, overlooking Elliott Bay.  I was kinda curious if I could shoot through them.  Turns out I can.

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That’s Smith Tower, poking out over downtown.  Want to see a few more?  Hit the jump.

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Through the telescope, the harbor cranes have a sort of hazy spider look to them.  Getting the alignment right (to keep the image mostly circular) and getting the focus right by pulling the camera in and out takes a few more hands than I have but it worked out eventually.

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There are also some fun framing issues.  Since only the center of the image is in focus, you don’t have the opportunity to do some of the things you can do with your camera alone.  I think I was so busy trying to get the superstructure of the ship in focus while getting a bit of the Olympics behind that the original came out all crooked.  Luckily, some things can be fixed later.

I think I’m liking this.  TtT is the new TtV – just you wait.


    1. Thanks Shosh. The telescopes totally desaturate the pictures, and unless you get the sun behind you, things get pretty drab. I was kinda fighting the urge to make the images look “as good as they could” – I mean… if that was the point I wouldn’t have used the telescope at all. This is a sort of happy medium.


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