Stereotypical Seattle Panorama

I suppose it is only fair that if my last post was the stereotypical Seattle photo, this is the stereotypical Seattle panorama.  You get the same Space Needle and Mt. Rainier, but this way you get Elliott Bay and West Seattle as well.  Everyone wins, right?

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This panorama came from the same shoot as the last post and was stitched together from 6 shots.  One of my main problems with panoramas is that things get very wide very fast and they are really hard to view.  To get a little more height, I usually shoot them with my camera in the vertical position to make things a bit taller.  You could shoot them in two rows and stitch them all back together, but that increases the difficulty a good bit.  I also like to use a decent amount of zoom or a longer-length lens.  Wide angle is fun and can be necessary if you are very close to your subject, but the edges of the frame are often distorted, which matters when you’re joining a lot of shots together.  Click for the larger image.  I used the regular size that I always post here – no larger than 1024 pixels wide, but the original is over 17,000 pixels wide!  If anyone is really interested in seeing a higher-quality version, leave me a comment and I’ll see what I can do.

UPDATE: 2010.03.11 – these panoramas really require a larger view than my standard pics do.  Click the image above to see the updated, 250% larger version!


    1. Hey Thomas – thanks for the compliment! I think your stuff is really good too. Seattle is a city of hills and lakes, which means that it is hard to find good sight lines where you can get big sweeping views, but this one comes from Kerry park, which puts you on a hill on the edge of downtown – you get the Space Needle and downtown view, plus the harbor and West Seattle –


  1. […] Panoramas and sunsets always look right to me.  Silhouettes are nice, but if you get some interesting clouds, you’re all set.  This shot looks back at Manhattan from North 6th Street in Williamsburg, Brooklyn.  I took this with my trusty old S90 (showing it’s age) and composited in Photoshop. […]


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