Seattle Has Fishing Boats – Who Knew?

Fishing Boat on the Seattle Waterfront

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I know that Seattle is huge in fishing.  We have a Fisherman’s Memorial.  We have tons of fishing boats.  It’s just that until a few days ago I’d never been down to the docks where all the boats are moored.  That oversight has now been remedied.   I had a good time walking the docks looking at the fishing boats.  When I was growing up in San Diego, it was home to a ton of purse seiners, but those are long gone.  Seattle still fishes for real.  Some, like the boat above, still sport the wooden-sided retro look.  How cool is that?  I really like the symmetry in this shot.  Taken from right in front of the bow with my trusty wide angle helps really bring out the sweeping lines in the shot.  Just remember to shoot from the middle with a wide angle – any distortions toward the edge of the shot will be mirrored on either side.  Nobody likes a misshapen ship, right?


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