R2-D2’s Day Job, Through The Viewfinder

Through The Viewfinder Trashcan Shot

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It’s an old joke, but other than a place to toss my junk, this trashcan bears a striking resemblance to something familar…  Another run-of-the-mill sighting in the Arboretum, but lots of colors, textures, and depth.  One of the fun and challenging parts of TtV is getting the focus the way you want it.   Your subject is through your camera lens, down a cardboard tube, and reflected in a ground glass prism, but then there is also the distance between the front of the prism and the subject, so focal distances are measured in several directions.   It takes a lot of twisting and bending.  You look funny.  If security was around, they’d probably run you off.  Make sure you look extra harmless.


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