I never stopped loving big machines.  Cranes, bulldozers, all that.  One of the first words I ever heard my toddler nephew say was “excavator”, so I guess it isn’t just me.  Seattle actually has a pretty sizable industrial area, so getting a view of cranes, trains, etc, isn’t that hard.  Doing it without a fence in your way however, can be more of a challenge.

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I just stumbled on this “park” the other day.  The Port loves providing public access in a way that is so unfriendly and hard to see that you’d never know it was there.  This spot is hidden behind a huge stack of shipping containers, but you get a great view of the Duwamish river and the goings on.

I shot this with my little S90, hand held of course.  If you want to know the difference between a point and shoot (a very good one, but still) and a real DSLR with L-series lens and a tripod, compare it to this one.  I don’t know if you can tell at this resolution, but the fine detail is really incomparable between the two.  Even so, I had my point and shoot – I didn’t have my DSLR.  You can’t take anything if you don’t have your camera.

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