Grain Terminal Of The Damned

One of the stranger features of Myrtle Edwards Park is that smack dab in the middle of it is a massive grain terminal.  Seattle may be full of industries like fishing and shipping, but for some reason, grain doesn’t seem like it fits with ever-damp Seattle.  Nonetheless, there it is.

Myrtle Edwards Park Grain Terminal

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I’m not going to get all specific about it’s world-class air scrubbing abilities or all the dual conveyer belt action enclosed within, but I do know that if you shoot it from the side, it looks pretty insane-assylum-like.  Good enough for me.  I’ve taken some other shots and panoramas from the side that show all the silos.  If people get interested or if I get desperate, maybe I’ll post more.

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  1. you know people in kansas die all the time in grain silos. btw/ kids with ‘free and easy’ parents are allowed to play in silos also.


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