This Is How It Starts

It isn’t usually that cold here.  Seattle isn’t known for snow, or freezing, or any real extremes.  This week, however, is not effing around.  My computer is telling me it’s 25 degrees out right now, on its way down to 16 overnight.  This is not normal or ok.  So far, it’s been freezing but dry.  At this temperature, however, just a little moisture and you get what we had last year, almost to the day:

Nighttime Snow in Seattle

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Right now it’s all happy and bare out there, but never forget people – this is how it started.  You remember what happened after that, right?


  1. Just be thankful you don’t live in parts of the country that have real weather, like, say San Diego. Yesterday mom called me, saying she was “thankful to be alive” after driving home in a rainstorm.


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